Wax oil protection to the underside, chassis and cavities of your car or van.

Salty water causes underbody corrosion

Pembrokeshire’s salty rain water causes underbody corrosion

When it rains, it pours. In Pembrokeshire this rain (as we are all too aware) is not only abundant, but saline – a result of our proximity to the sea. It’s no surprise then, that over the years, we have observed a high proportion of vehicles coming through our workshop suffering deep, often dangerous levels of corrosion, many of which are MOT failures costing hundreds of pounds to rectify. In every case, applied early enough (and even if corrosion has started), the lives of these vehicles could have been prolonged greatly with an underbody wax oil treatment.

We are often asked “what’s the best way to prevent my car rusting away?” or “do you think it’s worth getting my car wax oiled?”. We would always recommend (if the corrosion hasn’t gone “too far”) a wax oil treatment which is well worth it if you are planing the keep the vehicle in the medium – long term, it will save you a lot of money.

The process

Pressure washing vehicle underbody

Jet washing vehicle underbody with specialist equipment

We start by jet washing the underside using specialist pressure washing equipment after a snow foam treatment to break down the dirt build up. The process includes wheel removal and arches and inner sills also treated.

Underbody dirt corrosion and underseal removal

Removing old underbody sealant and corrosion

*Additional cost – removal of existing loose underbody sealant, paint and corrosion.
Completed wax oil underbody treatment

Wax oil treatment sealing car underbody and chassis

We will only use clear wax oil as not to cover the colouring of original equipment (unless black is specified).