Insurance Accident Repairs

Up to £150 cashback on your insurance excess

It’s Your Choice. Not your insurer’s.

Insurance collision accident repairs

 Talk to Haworth Autobody first – we will take care of everything, whether the incident was your fault or someone else’s.

Masking vehicle in preparation for paint

Masking vehicle in preparation for paint

We’re here to help – fully trained, use fully approved parts and materials and are fully committed to you.

We specialise in motor accident and insurance repairs, repairing and respraying your car, van or motorbike following a motor accident, guaranteeing a smooth process and perfect finish to your vehicle every time. We only use the highest quality original and insurance approved parts and paints which meet the stringent specifications demanded by the insurance industry.

Vehicle painted in spraybooth

Vehicle freshly painted in spraybooth

We understand our customers cannot be without their vehicles for long which is why Haworth Autobody in Haverfordwest provide a fast, efficient and quality service to get you back on the road with as little inconvenience as possible, with collection and delivery offered as standard.

Car wing dent identified for insurance repair

Car wing dent identified for insurance repair

We provide free estimates to either you or your insurance company and once agreed you simply pay us the policy excess and we invoice the insurance company on your behalf for all accident repairs carried out. We currently offer cashback on your insurance excess up to £150.*

As always we are absolute perfectionists in vehicle paintwork, colour matching & paint finishing and have the experience, tools and skill-set to provide the perfect results for your car or van.

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with the whole process of fixing your vehicle following an accident. With over 40 years experience dealing with Motor Insurance and Motor Accident Repair work in and around Pembrokeshire and West Wales, we take the sting out of the process and give you the confidence that we’ll deliver your vehicle back to you as good as new.

Call today to book in for a free estimate on your motor accident repair.

*10% off labour charge up to £150 off your own Insurance Excess e.g £1300 labour = £130 cash back

Be Individual

Customise your car by having mirrors, door mouldings, door handles, bumper inserts and bonnets repainted either to match the entire car or to provide a bit of contrast on the vehicle.

This is a very popular choice with customers who want to make their car stand out from the crowd. Combined with a colour change on your alloy wheels it really incorporates your style onto your vehicle. With prices starting from just £49 get in touch and we can help you all the way through.

Colour Coded T5 green and black

Colour Coded T5 green and black


Wax oil protection to the underside, chassis and cavities of your car or van.

Salty water causes underbody corrosion

Pembrokeshire’s salty rain water causes underbody corrosion

When it rains, it pours. In Pembrokeshire this rain (as we are all too aware) is not only abundant, but saline – a result of our proximity to the sea. It’s no surprise then, that over the years, we have observed a high proportion of vehicles coming through our workshop suffering deep, often dangerous levels of corrosion, many of which are MOT failures costing hundreds of pounds to rectify. In every case, applied early enough (and even if corrosion has started), the lives of these vehicles could have been prolonged greatly with an underbody wax oil treatment.

We are often asked “what’s the best way to prevent my car rusting away?” or “do you think it’s worth getting my car wax oiled?”. We would always recommend (if the corrosion hasn’t gone “too far”) a wax oil treatment which is well worth it if you are planing the keep the vehicle in the medium – long term, it will save you a lot of money.

The process

Pressure washing vehicle underbody

Jet washing vehicle underbody with specialist equipment

We start by jet washing the underside using specialist pressure washing equipment after a snow foam treatment to break down the dirt build up. The process includes wheel removal and arches and inner sills also treated.

Underbody dirt corrosion and underseal removal

Removing old underbody sealant and corrosion

*Additional cost – removal of existing loose underbody sealant, paint and corrosion.
Completed wax oil underbody treatment

Wax oil treatment sealing car underbody and chassis

We will only use clear wax oil as not to cover the colouring of original equipment (unless black is specified).

Plastic Bumper Scuffs/Cracks

With our busy roads & car parks, bumper damage can sadly happen all too often, this in turn not only affects the appearance of your car but it’s value too. With over 40 years experience in car body repairs, bumper scuffs & scrapes can be repaired with relative ease & using the latest plastic welding tools & techniques even broken bumpers can often be repaired too avoiding costly replacement parts.

Bumper scuff and scratches

Bumper scuff

 Scratch and Scrape Repairs

Using modern specialist techniques alongside industry standard style repairs (used in dealer bodyshops), we’re able to save money achieving invisible repairs. At Haworth Autobody we pride ourselves’ in offering the very best service from our free on the spot estimates and friendly advice to our expert repairs. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our refreshing approach to car repairs

Dent repairs PDR

Dents on rear wheel arch

Dent Repairs

We use different techniques depending on the extent of the dent(s). Where possible, we will apply a modern technique called PDR (painless dent removal) to keep the costs as low as possible. However, it may be necessary to fill the dent(s) or use a combination of methods to make the repair before priming, flatting and painting to achieve an original finish.

Full Resprays

We are well equipped to carry out full vehicle resprays, whether for restoration or re-styling. We will involve you in every step of the process to ensure that the end result meets your expectations.

Lowered classic VW bay window camper van restored

Lowered classic VW bay window camper van restored – painted in 2K custom Porsche charcoal greyThere are many processes and techniques involved in a complete respray, which are tailored to every job. Our panel prep team will make sure that every hard-to-reach corner is properly prepared. We will use only the highest quality paints which come with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee and are approved for insurance repair work*. With many years of experience in paint spraying we strive to ensure a quality finish because we know the importance of achieving a lasting first class result.

Classic Mercedes 420SL restortion

Classic Mercedes 420SL in for restortion


As a family owned business since 1974 we have years of experience of repairing and maintaining all types of vehicles, both modern and classic.

Throughout the years we’ve carried out numerous and varied restoration projects, from vintage Austins to Classic VW Bay campervans, and we call upon the knowledge and skills passed down through 3 generations.  

We get very excited when we see an old vehicle which is why take pride in every one we repair, not just replacing parts to repair the problem, but restoring the vehicle to its former glory using genuine second-hand or new parts or, indeed, fabricating where necessary.   

Freshly sprayed caddy

Customer satisfaction – all work is fully guaranteed and undertaken by trained expert technicians

We check and recheck with a final visual and mechanical inspection before allowing the vehicle to leave the premises. Our goal is to make sure that you, our customers, get value for money and see your restoration as money well spent. We ensure your investment is put into a lasting repair and not just a quick fix. We never try to dress mutton as lamb!

If you are like us and have a passion for old cars and would like to see them restored to their former glory then please have a look through our portfolio and give us a call to discuss your requirements.  Why not pop in and see us as we are more than happy to discuss your specific requests.

Kerbed and scuffed alloy wheel refurbishment

Wheel kerbing, chipping damage and scratches are frequent; however buying new alloys wheels can be expensive. A standard painted refurbishment is a cost effect way of bringing new life and a polished look back to your wheels.

Alloy wheel scuffs and scratches

Alloy wheel scuffed

Haworth Autobody can restore your alloys to either their original finish or your own colour specification for a new look.
To ensure they have a pristine blemish free finish and long life, a standard painted refurbishment will include stripping the wheels back to the bare metal, repairing any damage before etch priming, painting and lacquering. A standard painted alloy wheel refurbishment can bring most alloy wheels back to being as close to brand new as possible.
Alloy wheel repair and refurb

Alloy wheel refurbed

* Corroded, chrome effect, diamond cut and split rim finish are not available.